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Once united, the Emperor intended to begin the next stage of His great plan to ensure human domination of the Milky Way Galaxy , which He judged to be necessary if humanity was to survive the never-ceasing threats to its existence embodied by Chaos , myriad xenos races and its own fragile human nature. In time, when the Emperor’s eye first began to fall beyond Terra , He began to raise new armies to fight His Great Crusade. He drew these new troops in part from the forces that had already unified Terra during the Unification Wars of the late 30th Millennium. To carry out the Great Crusade and reunite all the scattered colony worlds of Mankind beneath the single banner of the Imperium of Man , the Emperor created the genetically-enhanced superhuman warriors known as the Space Marine Legions. These forces would serve as the speartip of His Great Crusade that began in ca. M30, bringing the light of Imperial Truth and enforcing Imperial Compliance with the new regime on every human world encountered. The base human stock for the majority of the first Space Marine Legions to be raised came from Terra , and in the case of the XIVth Legion the main bulk of the gene-recruits used were drawn from the ancient and warlike clans of Old Albia, situated in southeastern Europe, where what once had been the ancient nation-state of Albania. Indeed such was the suitability of there peoples for induction into the ranks of the Space Marines that recruits were drawn also to fill the ranks of the First Founding VIIIth and Xth Legions, the Night Lords and the Iron Hands , respectively, although to a lesser degree than the XIVth Legion which was by blood and culture shaped by the the warlords and Techno-barbarian of Albia as well as the hand of the Emperor. The recruitment of the sons of Albia served a twofold purpose; firstly, and most importantly, it drew off the cream of whole generations of strength from a Terran realm, now friend and ally to the Imperium but never fully trusted.

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Which property are we searching today? An assortment of filthy and strange Oblivion mods, including Michael Jackson, prostitution, and huge deformed boobs. An assortment of filthy and oblivion prostitution mod quotes Obblivion mods, including Michael Jackson, prostitution, oblivion prostitution mod quotes huge deformed boobs.

Oblivion prostitution mod quotes Too oblivoon original author stopped working oblivion prostitution mod quotes it, all you have are textual interactions, nothing animated, but from folders structure it seems that too was in the works by using animations from Animated Prostitution. Your account has either been suspended or you have been banned from accessing this resource.

(REQ) romance mod» Fri Feb 18, pm After making the move from morrowind to oblivion i had a hard time getting used to not having the features of the morrowind romance mod available.

Designed to be pets, more than companions. You can interact with the cats – they will love you if you give them rat meat. And all “Children in Morrowind” will notice and comment on them. Same goes of course for the “Your Morrowind Family” mod – they will love the cats, and some companions will comment on them as well. Emma originally made this mod for her daughter. In the mod, there are two nifty rings – one for the cats, one for the kittens – which will bring them to you anywhere.

If you are together with them, they will end up next to you, regardless if you are indoors or outdoors. If you are separated from them, you have to be outdoors for the rings to work. This companion will level up with the player. There is a version of the. Aside from the automatic healing feature that has become standard in Baratheon’s companion mods, she has little spellcasting ability.

Instead, she is best with ranged weapons or spears.

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Rescue staff climbed the Oblivion ride – which opened in March – and put harnesses on as many as 16 terrified passengers who were trapped in their seats before escorting them down to the ground. Terrified thrillseekers are being helped to safety from the Oblivion ride at Alton Towers in Staffordshire It is just yards away from the Smiler rollercoaster – where two teenage girls each lost a leg and 14 others were injured in June Young couple Joe Pugh and Vicky Walsh – who were both injured in the incident – are circled Rescue staff climbed the Oblivion left and right and put harnesses on as many as 16 terrified passengers and walked them down the ride Witness Alex Heasman-Bailey, 16, told MailOnline that he heard a ‘clunking noise’ as the Oblivion ride suddenly came to a halt leaving thrillseekers stranded shortly after 3pm.

There were a few staff from the nearby shops that were looking up at it as well. Schoolgirl Evha Jannath was killed after being thrown from a water ride. She is believed to have been standing up to change seats with a classmate when she was bumped over the side of Splash Canyon and ‘dragged under the water’ during a school trip. Alton Towers, June The Smiler rollercoaster was evacuated after a rider triggered an alarm on a safety harness. Riders became stuck on the notorious Smiler rollercoaster for 45 minutes after a ‘technical fault’ saw it grind to a halt.

Visitors to Alton Towers theme park posted pictures to social media of the stopped ride – with some of those on it stuck in a vertical climb. Alton Towers, July

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May contain traces of cynicism 28th of June OK, one last install directory tweak: If I create the archives myself, then I can control the offset from the local file header to the file data. That means that Stellaris never has to read the local file header at all, while the archives are still valid zip files that can be opened by a regular archiver too.

That more than halves the work required to read the archive, since the local headers are scattered throughout the file, whereas the central headers are clustered at the end. The bulk of these are searching for files that are in the archives and don’t exist in the user folder, since the user folder has a higher search priority. But that’s not the best of ideas, because the user directory is supposed to override base game files

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Also, the fact that cities were seperate zones, and not accessible otherwise. The lack of flying was solely to make the Oblivion Gates non-trivial. I’ll believe Beth when they claim that flying was taken out because the cities had to be separate zones. Now, why they didn’t make zone borders instead of just having teleporting doors But man, those dark brotherhood quests were freaking amazing.

Make a whole game out of that please. Morrowind was better than Oblivion only because it was exotic. Every exploit in Oblivion? It was in Morrowind too, or there was a worse one everyone complaining about the lack of flying, how many enemies in Morrowind had ranged attacks? Both games give you as much freedom as they can, with the result that broken power is an option. The games are really not for people who play games to win, which is a problem for people who play games to win several of the times I’ve approached the game I’ve ended up killing my fun, only to go back later and enjoy it.


Posted 07 January – Choo Choo is very wise in the ways of the awesome companion mod. The Julan Ashlander Companion mod is extremely well-written, well-programmed, and just all around well-polished. Whole lot of dashes going on, here And, if you’re like me and have terrible luck with mods and stuff does mess up, the author is very accessible and willing to help you out should you encounter troubles.

The Creation Engine is a 3D video game engine created by Bethesda Game Studios based on the Gamebryo engine. The Creation Engine has been used to create role-playing video games, like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Fallout

Comments Shares Over the last six years an army of modders have been hard at work, trying to make Oblivion into the game they always imagined it should be. There’s now a vast array of mods that can take the game in many different directions. Oscuro’s and Francesco’s overhauls reinvent the game’s challenges and leveling. Midas’ Magic Spells of Aurum give you godlike power and the ability to nuke your foes. There are thousands, so we’ve chosen best-made and most polished examples of one of the most prolific and dedicated modding communities out there.

The Unofficial Oblivion Patch This should be your first port of call. It fixes over 1, bugs still present in Oblivion even after Bethesda finished patching it. So that’s 1, floating rocks, see-through walls and twitchy animations you’ll never have to deal with. There are a couple of separate patches for the expansion and DLC, too, so be sure to pick these up if you’re planning on visiting the Shivering Isles.

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He is the oldest of the group. He started the channel, and is the leader of the gang. He was born on February 3, His favorite weapon is the Crossbow. He is most efficent with this specific weapon, besides the Davy Crocket then again, everyone is efficent with the Davy Crockett.

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Anime and Manga The surface of Hellstar Remina. Not surprising, since Remina itself is an Eldritch Abomination. Also by Junji Ito , Amigara Fault from The Enigma of Amigara Fault. There are holes shaped like people in the rock surface. The holes bewitch people into climbing in, then they change shape as the people go through, warping the people hideously. Roads leading out of town take travellers back in again, roads and houses begin to line up into a spiral shape, and beneath the lake lies a twisted underworld that’s even stranger.

The Manor in Noir: Said to be be “between France and Spain” Protip: It’s not Andorra , but Kirika gets there by walking from Paris. Its entirely normal for rural areas in western European countries landscape it has fields of grapes and is covered with Roman ruins manages to come across as profoundly unsettling even in bright sunlight.

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Originally Posted by eskie Well, given the lavish lifestyles my sims end up experiencing, along with the general lack of job related stress my sims typically enjoy, not only do I never feel guilty about what happens to them, but I’m usually downright jealous of my sims’ lives. If only the real world was as pleasant as Simland. Outside of the rare meteor, or the shark attack that ends poorly which doesn’t even happen most of the time, my sims always come out on top in those encounters , what the hell does a sim have to worry about, anyway?

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She worked in Made in Dagenham during the year and also Never Let Me Go was a successful project undertaken by her.

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