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And Peggy As soon as the boys leave the room, I fall the ground and sit cross-legged in the center of the platform. I lean back on my hands. Please trust me when I say that what I was doing had nothing to do with them. Now get up, this not the time for lounging. Wiping my hands on my thighs, I mock salute him. He doesn’t bother to hide his confused expression. Looking up, I squeak in fear. Even with my enhanced-hearing elven ear pressed up against the dark wood, all I can hear are murmurs and occasional exclamations. Sitting on the cold stone floor is getting to be quite uncomfortable, and it’s obvious that I won’t get anywhere with attempted eaves dropping.

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Narsil was said to shine with the light of the Sun and the Moon. For whom Telchar originally made Narsil, as well as its early history, is unknown. Elendil became thereafter a great lord, the first of the kings of Gondor and Arnor. Sauron was vanquished and his spirit fled but his power endured in the ring. Isildur took the shards home with him. Shortly before Isildur was killed in the second year of the Third Age in the disaster at the Gladden Fields, the shards of Narsil were rescued by Ohtar, squire of Isildur.

Since I did not trust Galadriel, my interpretation of her speech at the well was closer to Jackson’s than to mainstream Tolkien criticism. I did not like his over-production of the scene because I thought it was a cheap way to build suspense, but I did feel uncertainty in this scene while reading it.

There may actually be more, but those are all I could think of. Gandalf tells Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli to join in and help Rohan defend its self. Gandalf goes off in search of Eomer, and the 2, men with him. Meanwhile a battle rages on at Helm’s Deep. Elves from Lothlorien come to the aid of the Rohan men, and fight to the death. The battle does not look to well. But just them, Gandalf comes in with Eomer. A battle cry “to the king!! They charge into battle on horse back to defend there king.

None You jump right into this level.

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The wizard explains why he failed to join Frodo: Saruman initially had proposed that the wizards ally themselves with the rising power of Sauron in order to eventually control him for their own ends. Saruman went on to suggest that they could take the Ring for themselves and challenge Sauron.

Despite Galadriel’s insistence that he lead the council, he would give up the position to Saruman. After receiving a map to the Lonely Mountain from Thráin II, father of Thorin Oakenshield, Gandalf the Grey concocted a plan to lure the dragon Smaug from his home and restore the heir of .

Much of Galadriel’s story is confusing, and there are several distinct tales told about her collected in the Unfinished Tales. She swore no oaths and was like minded with her cousin Fingon , son of Fingolfin. She met Celeborn , a kinsman of Thingol, in Doriath. Her three other brothers were killed during various battles in the First Age.

She dwelt in Nargothrond with her brother Finrod, and asked him if he would take no wife. But Finrod had taken an oath only for himself, and his beloved had been left in Valinor. But being prideful, she chose to remain in Middle-earth. Eregion, to the west of the Misty Mountains near Moria , was a prosperous kingdom during this time, and had open trade with the Dwarves.

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Gandalf tells Frodo, “There is such a thing as malice and revenge. Gollum wants revenge and hates Bilbo so he tells Sauon about the One Ring putting the enemy on his trail. Sauron is full of malice and wants to enslave all of the people in the world. Why is it important that Sauron not be allowed to gain possession of the One Ring?

Naruto and Hinata had started dating after the war. Their inner lusts which have been bottled up get released in the most interesting, and mostly perverted ways as their relationship progresses.

When the Fellowship fled from Moria and Aragorn proposed entering Lorien, Boromir questioned his wisdom in the following passage: Against my will we passed under the shades of Moria, to our loss. And now we must enter the Golden Wood, you say. But of that perilous land we have heard in Gondor, and it is said that few come out who once go in; and of that few none have escaped unscathed.

They also were of elven-work. If Men have dealings with the Mistress of Magic who dwells in the Golden Wood, then they may look for strange things to follow. Clearly both Boromir and Faramir feared the name of Lorien, but J.

Why are Men who Visit Lorien Rarely Seen Again?

For readers who like fast paced action , this is not a series I would recommend. It progresses quite slowly and the descriptions are lengthy – not really my type. But if you have the patience, the plot is worth it. And, no, I was not a hippie stoner, as some hostile reviewers here think that lovers of this book must be.

Dec 23,  · Specifically, why would Elrond seem to ally himself with Saruman rather than Gandalf and Galadriel, with whom he shares far more of his (ahem) counsels? Further, they hold the Three Rings of the Elves, which would naturally bind them closer together rather than fracture their loyalties.

You must take it! You cannot offer me this ring! I’m giving it to you! I dare not take it. Not even to keep it safe. I would use this ring from a desire to do good But through me, it would wield a power too great and terrible to imagine. But you’re a good man. As was Thrain before his Ring tainted him. Remember Smaug and Azog.

Would you risk another such crisis?

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Remember PJEs from last time? As sad as I am to see them go, I am not sad to see them go. But Thorin has to deal with his issues on his own, and while everyone argues, a massive army of CGI Orcs marches upon Erebor their mischief quota for the decade has not yet been met, and now they can wipe out all of the do-gooders at once. Unlike the second installment, this film actually feels finished.

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I have this incredibly powerful magical ring, but it doesn’t put food on my plate you know. So how about you test it a bit and then we can see how much you’d pay me? No, I’m not selling. No, I’m not giving to you either. Ehh, I guess when you talk softly and show me how big your stick is I can give it to you He’s pretty much the archetype of the corrupter. He won’t present himself as some baby eating monstrosity screaming “For the greater evil!

By the time the Wizarding World catches that his offers of incredibly power have far more catches than merely being indebted and doing him a favor or two, he will most likely have already won. Remember, Sauron is incredibly subtle unlike most threats the Wizarding World seems to face. The way he acted in the LoTR is absurdly blatant for him, but that’s because the urgency of getting the ring back added to him having a very good power base and very importantly, everyone already knowing for absolutely sure he’s absolutely and totally evil.

When people don’t know for sure he’s evil incarnate he’ll play incredibly subtle, only revealing his hands when either has absolutely no other choice or have already won.

“Galadriel and Saruman” – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Available March 19

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